And what a FANTASTIC BANPLASTIC day we had! Thank you so much to everyone that joined in and supported this important day.

We will be posting images, press releases and sharing a video of the children of the children from Hook with Warsash school which was filmed by The Final Straw.

It’s not too late to get involved, if you would like to download and share our leaflet, please do so by clicking on the image below.

Plastic Free Day – 8th May 2018

We can make the difference

Our 8th May ‘plastic free day’ aims to raise awareness of how much single use disposable plastic we use in our everyday lives. Inspired by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 on the BBC in 2017, this brought to life the reality of what damage we are doing to the planet, in to peoples homes and lives.

With the help of children from Hook with Warsash CofE Academy to continue to raise awareness, and David Attenborough’s birthday being on the 8th May, ‘our plastic free day’ was born!

Joining our day is simple… Choose to refuse single use plastic for 24hrs on the 8th May.

What would you refuse?

Make your pledge to go plastic free on the 8th May and spread the word far and wide.

And.. don’t ignore other people’s rubbish, pick up plastic bags and containers you see in the street before it blows into the Solent!

You could:

  • Swap to a milkman
  • Swap to a reusable water bottle
  • Reusable shopping bags or cardboard boxes
  • Shop at a green grocer – support local
  • Choose loose fresh products
  • Use brown paper bags
  • Use a thermal mug for coffee shop refills
  • Refuse to use a straw
  • Choose glass/cardboard packaging
  • Use refills
  • Shop at the deli counter/butcher/fishmonger
  • Use beeswax paper coverings
  • Reusable storage containers/lunchboxes

Our Supporters:

The following organisations have pledged to support and promote our campaign. If you would like to add your support please contact us.

Here are some fabulous posters from the children at Hook with Warsash CofE Academy. Click on an image to view full size.